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San Diego Unified School Board District E

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Prepare Our Children for the Future

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 Preparing Our Children for the Future 

The world is changing and the skills our children will need to develop for future success is expanding. 

Preparing them for industries and roles that don't yet exist require much more than literacy and proficiency.  Communication, collaboration, and emotional intelligence will also stand them in good stead.  Science, technology, and collaboration skills will remain important but specialized trades will become more critical as well as methods for responding, adapting, and managing change. 

 Healthy Learning and Working Spaces 

Fostering environments that create and support physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing for everyone is a critical component of effective learning environments.  Restorative justice, trauma informed care, and cultural competency will help students, staff, teachers, and administrators have more positive and productive interactions. 

 Working for Working Families 

In today's economy, parents and guardians are required to work harder than ever in order to provide for their needs. This means leveraging technology and building in flexibility will be necessary to make it easier for engagement is important.  Additionally, the number of children who are homeless whether sheltered or not as well as those with severe trauma or with other special needs is likely to increase. 

About  Dr. LaWana Richmond

Educator at Heart

Although born in the midwestern United States, most of my childhood was spent in San Diego with the bulk of my education being at public schools in the San Diego Unified School District and local public colleges and universities. 

Education has made all the difference for me in my journey.

I am running for this position because I think I can help. 

I'd like to see more children look forward to being at school and feeling like it is a place they can succeed.  I support living wages.  I understand the importance of the support staff who make everything run. I see value in project labor agreements.  I support preparing our children to be socially and technically fluent so they can succeed in the world they will inherit from us. I'd like to help make these things happen. My personal, professional, and academic background and experience have prepared me to serve you.

My academic background includes degrees in Marketing, Operations Management, Information Systems, and Educational Leadership. I have a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, PMI Project Management Professional certification and ProSci change management certifications. I have also been trained in Shingo Lean which focuses on building and sustaining a culture of continuous improvement.  My dissertation focus was on employee engagement within the context of strategic planning, collaboration, and innovation. 

Professionally, I have worked for the past 14 years at the University of California, San Diego where my responsibilities have ranged from extramural funds management to business systems analysis with a current focus on organizational development. 

Shortly after completing my doctorate in 2015, I began with teaching doctoral students and eventually undergraduate students at UCSD. 

Most importantly, I have been in the roles of SDUSD student and parent. 

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